Don can make it happen! The seller and property in my real estate transaction presented many problems. Not just little, easily solvable problems, but big issues including lot line adjustments, title report boundary errors, ownership errors, well and easement issues that kept changing when other issues were supposedly resolved. And these were just a few of the issues. My transaction took blood, sweat and tears, and Don's knowledge, professionalism and expertise is the ONLY thing that got us to the end with a positive outcome. Any lesser agent and it would have been a dead deal. I would recommend Don in a heartbeat to anyone looking to buy or sell real estate.


Don is a very skilled and responsible agent and very helpful, I definitely recommend him. He knows what he is doing on his job and he always answers the phone and returns calls, he showed lots of patience while helping us find the special place we wanted to buy.

Luis Guzman

I contacted Don to get information about a condo for sale, he asked a few questions and explained that I may be able to use a special first time home buyer loan program that is easy to qualify for and buy a house rather than a condo and have the same monthly payment. I was put in contact with a mortgage loan officer and was pre-qualified. Now we are receiving listings of homes for sale at the price no higher than I qualify for by email, I have looked at several homes and Don has always answered my many questions about the property and the buying process, he has provided additional information about the neighborhood and schools and always returned my calls and email. I highly recommend you contact Don if you want an experienced reliable and professional real estate broker.


I am a military veteran and inquired about using a VA Home Loan to buy the home shown for sale on a website, Don promptly replied to my request for more information and an appointment. I was given a complete property information packet including colored photos, plat map, a comparable sales report and buyer closing cost estimate for a VA loan when we looked at the home. While I was shown the house all my questions were answered in a professional manner. Don has always quickly replied to email request and phone calls; I would recommend anyone else that wants a professional and experienced real estate broker to contact him.


Don is our realtor! We set out to purchase a condo in Portland, Oregon. During this time Don was of great assistance to us. He explained the various options available to us for securing financing and showed a great deal of patience while waiting for us to complete this process. Don was always very punctual to all appointments and showed a high level of professionalism. He was also very easy to reach. Just as important, Don has a wealth of experience in the banking industry. He explained the entire purchasing process to us and the steps to take to be successful in acquiring the condo unit. Don also walked us through the purchase agreement explaining every single detail. Thanks to Don´s help, we were able to navigate successfully through the purchasing process and the acquired the property. We would recommend Don to anyone thinking about buying a home, in particular folks who are buying a home for the first time and are not very familiar with the rather complex process. Thank you Don!!

Katerina and Lee Contreras

Don has proven to me to be highly qualified in a recent complicated real estate transaction. He was very thorough, making sure every step of the way was done properly. He, as they say, crossed all the 'T's' and dotted all the 'I's'. I would recommend him to anyone desiring a successful real estate purchase or sale.


My investor was very happy with how Don handled the sale of our REO. He made the process extremely easy, professional and cordial. I can't even put into words how satisfied we are.